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Fees - Experiments



For the use of the  XFe 96 Extracellular Flux Analyzer and TSE Systems metabolic cages it is essential to have been formed by the member of the platform.

XFe 96 Extracellular Flux Analyzer - Seahorse

To use the Seahorse machine please contact the platform to arrange the meeting for discussion of the experimental strategy. Certain cell types will requier the initial tests for an assay optimisation (cell type, cell number, concentrations of the inhibitors). Users can be trained to perform measurements in autonomous mode.



Measurements of Mitochondrial respiration (basal, maximal (FCCP treatment) and spare respiratory capacity (Rotenone and Antimycin A treatment), Glycolytic function (glycolysis, glycolytic capacity (Oligomycin treatment), glycolytic reserve (2 Deoxy-D-glucose treatment) or Fatty acid oxidation



Necker site (INEM, Imagine) and any INSERM affiliated lab - 149 Eur per late (consumables and reagents are provided by the platform)

Any Academic lab - 2011 Eur per plate (consumables and reagents are provided by the platform)

TSE Systems Metabolic Cages

To use the metabolic cages please contact the platform to arrange the meeting for the siscussion of the experimental strategy. Please note that the cages are located at Zone d’expérimentation, LEAT Broussais and if your mice are in different zone the transfer should be arranged respecting sanitary regulations. Users can be trained by the platform personnel to oversee their experiment autonomously.



Simultaneous measurement:

  • energy expenditure (O2/CO2, dO2/dCO2- difference in O2 and CO2 values, VO2/VCO2 – O2 consumption and CO2 production, RER – respiratory exchange rate, H – heat production in kcal/h/kg) 

  • physical activity in meters

  • food/drink intake in grams/ml

  • food/drink restriction experiments


What mice and how long usually tested?

  • male mice (unless only female mice have the phenotype)

  • ~8-10 week old with body weight ~20 gram or above

  • 8 mice can be tested simultaneously

  • for the indirect calorimetry and food intake the test lasts 7 days: 3 day as acclimatization + 4 days of data collection

  • for the restricted feeding or/and drinking experiments, testing of different diets etc. longer housing and recordings could be previewed



Necker site (INEM, Imagine) and any INSERM affiliated lab - 224 Eur per experiment (8 mice, 1 week)

Metabolite analyses using Q Exactive Plus Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

Sample preparation, LC/MS, and data analysis methods vary widely depending on metabolite, sample type, and biological question. To initiate the project the user has to contact the platform to arrange the meeting to discuss the strategies of the experimental design and sample preparation.


Charges :

Targeted analyses (~120 metabolites per run) per sample:

Necker site (INEM, Imagine) - 26 Eur

INSERM - 38 Eur

Any other academic lab - 46 Eur

Untargeted analyses (includes 4 runs per sample (positive and negative mode, pHILIC and C18 columns) per sample:

Necker site (INEM, Imagine) - 71 Eur

INSERM - 135 Eur

Any other academic lab - 162 Eur


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